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-name: Diana
-nicknames?: DDogg..& Inappropriate names
-age: 16
-gender: femalleee
-location: skankuate
-birthday: Jan. 17
-three words to describe yourself: friendly, random, Indecisive

what's your favorite...
-movies: idkk
-bands/artists: Big D, Marley's, much moree
-actor/actress: that dood. Hah I dont even remember his name
-color: turquois
-t.v. show[s]: funny oness
-food: stuff mi madre makes, chicken
-item of clothing: Kennys soon to be 8 ince heals
-song: tooo mannyyy
-shoe: black converse
-store: anywhere
-feeling: excitement
-sport: foot to the ball [to watch]

-coffee or tea?: coffee
-arizona iced tea or nestea?: arizonaa
-books or movies?: movies
-aim or phone?: hmm depends
-unicorns or dinosaurs?: dinos
-red sox or yankees?: SOX
-milk or cream?: milk
-snap or clap?: snap
-chocolate or vanilla?: chocolate
-ze spa or ze disco?: hah ze spaa
-tony or tammy?: tammy
-achiles or eye macaroni?: ACHILESSS!
-ipod or cds?: ipods=more music
-ipod or walkman?: ipod
-coke or pepsi?: coke fo lyfe!!%&#$&*(^

your opinion on[more than one word, thanks]...
-drugs in general: ehh do what you gotta do. just don't go crazy
-ashlee simpson: I secretly like some of her songs
-stereotypes: pretty lamee
-ska: "skankin's meant for fun,
not for getting hurt!
Skankin' numbers every night and day, skankin' by numbers is the only
way, get off your seat and take a chance."
-slippers: I have Mickey Mouse feet looking ones. so comfy
-cocksaki: hah rachels gonna die of that
-energy drinks: I'm awakee!
-ipods: sweet.
-massachusetts: moshachusettes. It's not as bad as ppl say it is.

do you...
-have a song stuck in your head?: yesh
---what song is it?: Skank by numbers
-speak any languages[other than english]: i attempt at french.
-know adam?: HECK YESSS. "you should deffinatly check that outtt" --gets a little notebook-- "now is english spelled how it sounds.."
-play any instruments?: if you call my stomach an insturment
-hula-hoop?: funn
-enjoy rainbows?: very prettyy :]
-believe in unicorns?: why wouldnt I?

answer this...
-what is it?: shadess
-who wears the shades?: TONY MIGLIANI
-who doesn't even know?: tony's split personality
-are the Aquabats really what it's all about?: sure iss
---If not, what is?:
-murphy brown?: MISTA BROWNN
-best concert you've been to?: I'd have to say Big D.
-why should you be accepted?: Cuz im a douche as well.

promote, yo![and link it here]

post some pictures of yourself[atleast three]
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