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-name: Catharine
-nicknames?: Cathie/Meady
-age: 17
-gender: female
-location: Ma
-birthday: Dec. 23, 1988
-three words to describe yourself: honest, sincere, and creative

what's your favorite...
-movies: pulp fiction
-bands/artists: dashboard confessional
-actor/actress: Adam Sandler
-color: pink
-t.v. show[s]: CSI
-food: diet coke
-item of clothing: jeans
-song: All American Rejects: Swing, Swing
-shoe: black flip flops
-store: Walmart
-feeling: soft and plush *teehee*
-sport: marching band haha

-coffee or tea?: tea
-arizona iced tea or nestea?: neither eww
-books or movies?: books
-aim or phone?: aim
-unicorns or dinosaurs?: psssh, unicorns are for pussies
-red sox or yankees?: red soxxx suckkass
-milk or cream?: milk
-snap or clap?: snap
-chocolate or vanilla?: chocolate
-ze spa or ze disco?: disco
-tony or tammy?: Tammy
-achiles or eye macaroni?: uhhh I don't get it =/
-ipod or cds?: ipod
-ipod or walkman?: ipod
-coke or pepsi?: coke

your opinion on[more than one word, thanks]...
-drugs in general: It's your choice, but, don't bring other innocents into the whole business. That's the last thing this world needs.
-ashlee simpson: She has no talent. Period. And she lipsyncs. And she got a nose job.
-stereotypes: Ehh, I do it myself, but I wish people wouldn't do it. I'm a hypocrite, what can I say?
-ska: Uhm, my friends are in a ska band. It's okay. I like Reel Big Fish. That's about it so far.
-slippers: They're really handy in the winter, but, they always end up getting holes in them, and all gross. I miss mine. =(
-cocksaki: I have NO idea what that is. Someone enlighten me, please.
-energy drinks: I've never tried it, but, whatever floats your boat. I prefer speed...just kidding. =)
-ipods: They're great. I don't have an Apple Ipod, but, they're really handy. I just hate how people buy them for the sake of a fashion sense.
-massachusetts: I live in it. And it's really liberal....aaaaand I don't like baked beans. But shopping downtown is nice every once in a while.

do you...
-have a song stuck in your head?: not at the moment but I'm sure I will
---what song is it?: 
-speak any languages[other than english]: espanol, pero no bueno
-know adam?: I know Adam Mini, and I am a little familiar with Adam from the Bible.
-play any instruments?: Guitah
-hula-hoop?: I suck at it with my hips, but I'm nasty when it comes to my neck and my arms. I've also tried using it as a Skip-It.
-enjoy rainbows?:  I've only seen one or two in real life, but, they're pretty.
-believe in unicorns?: nopee

answer this...
-what is it?: A bird? A plane? An accept to dinobots? *winks*
-who wears the shades?: MIB...and at night.
-who doesn't even know?: 
-are the Aquabats really what it's all about?: 
---If not, what is?: 
-murphy brown?: She's a loud mouth sitcom character.
-best concert you've been to?: dashboard confessional!
why should you be accepted?: I'm always active...seriously lol

promote, yo![and link it here]

post some pictures of yourself[atleast three]

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